Social Media

man-335401_1280You can avoid Facebook and Twitter in your private life and give lots of excuses for doing so. “Friending” people seems so silly when phone calls and chatting over coffee makes more sense or you love writing and receiving letters. The internet seems like an unsafe and impersonal medium for sharing about the lives of others, and you didn’t ever want to know what that 3rd cousin twice-removed what’s-her-name called her pet terrier anyway. Until Facebook came along, you didn’t know she even existed. Social media is even dangerous in the wrong hands. Why would you want to get sucked into all of that anyway?

It’s important because… Social media is smart for businesses.

Many firms don’t even bother running websites. They get enough attention from operating a Facebook page, sending out Tweets, or posting images on MySpace or Pinterest or Instagram. Business owners or their content writers communicate effectively with real people in ways they never could have done before this revolution began. It’s doing some industries a world of good and leaving competitors in the dust. What do any of these platforms have to do with SEO? Lots: take a look.

Social Media is an Apt Name

The idea behind social media is to encourage sharing and communication between friends, colleagues, family members, and even strangers. It’s a way of connecting people who would otherwise be separated by many miles in real time, effectively removing the gap or reducing its power to separate people. That goes for customers and business owners too. Many times, posting in these platforms has facilitated meaningful discussion when there isn’t enough time on the shop floor during business hours. These conversations snatch customers away from shops that don’t think about the personal touch or about being authentic with their clients. With carefully and tastefully crafted pages and posts, you can show customers they are valued without doing anything more than responding to their comments or concerns, even settling complaints sometimes.

Using and maintaining your pages and posts can be cost effective.

It doesn’t cost much to run a campaign on these platforms. The most basic business pages are free but extras might cost a little: nothing compared with mainstream advertising. If you don’t have to run print campaign, radio ads, or buy TV space but still attract new clients, that’s a smart way to advertise. It’s very “grass-roots” but SEO professionals can also undertake a lot of the regular writing for a fee.

Content and SEO

What you post and what other people post on your Facebook page or the captions under MySpace images count as SEO content. In other words, when Google counts how many times a term comes up in a given website or social media page, that site will gain a few places in the rankings. If a social media page links back to a website, their ratings are all interconnected and one’s business might in fact be the first three internet results.