We Help Your Business Rank

seo buttonSEO stands for search engine optimization. As you can tell by the terms, SEO has to do with computers, so what difference does it make if a client is in Delaware or Massachusetts? Can’t the work be done online? Location can make all the difference needed to move a company’s website from position 10 to position 1 in a search. Delaware SEO experts know this to be true from their experience with the way Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines work. Here are a few things that a company like ours can help you with.

The Rankings Game

Search engine software employs numerous algorithms to determine how a site is going to be ranked. They automatically take the type of site (.com, .net, or .edu, for instance) into consideration, find the age of a posting, and look closely at backlinks. Agreement with search terms is the critical point, so if a user types in “Tires Wilmington,” or another town in our state, an SEO client had better hope internet content on his website or social media pages says the same thing somewhere or even gives the specific name of a city.

Algorithms rate the quality of content and of backlinks to determine if they are legitimate and to protect consumers. Reviews come into play as does the average length of writing. SEO experts like Canvasback Media learn how the algorithms rate sites but also find ways to improve their client’s web presence when customers land there.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand how to do this on your own, because that’s why you hire people like us to help!

A Good Regional Web Presence Goes Beyond Ranking

When a potential client clicks on a firm’s link in the hope of finding information or a product, he might click out in a hurry too: that’s what happens when content is inappropriate, hard to read, or doesn’t load quickly. A slow-loading page makes consumers justly wary as this could be a sign the page is infected by a virus, but is also frustrating for the would-be customer in a hurry. Also, since many people are accessing company information on their Smart Phones these days, your site must be mobile ready and look good on a hand-held device.

Simple is best: dark writing against a light background, straight Arial or Times New Roman font in a large enough size to read, with easy navigation tools and headings that make good sense. Many times an SEO expert has to start with the landing page before even talking about further web content like posts on Facebook or Pay-Per-Click ads. The landing page has to represent a company in just a few words and images, quickly and accurately.

These are all things that we are trained to implement on your behalf.

Get Attention

A web page is one way to garner attention from browsers. Another is to run a PPC or Pay Per Click ad campaign. These are usually small boxes in the corners of host sites which offer prizes and giveaways and might be flashing. Backlinks take a reader from one site to another, preferably related one just by clicking on a highlighted name or URL embedded in the original page. For this to be successful, links must relate in some way to the host: golf balls to golf courses; cooking equipment to chef training courses; and so on.

If you decide that you want to run a PPC campaign, we’ll be happy to help you plan and manage that as well.